17 Popular Celebrities Who Admitted of being Bisexual Openly


1. Angelina Jolie
angelina jolie

“Keep personal life private and separate from professional” is a common line used by all the celebrities to escape themselves from the media questions. But with the changing norms and mind setup of people regarding sex and terms related to it. Some celebrities came forward to support the LGBT movement held recently. Celebrities giving a bold statement for their private life and accepting the fact of being gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual are becoming normal these days.
This wave of change making more celebrities to come out and face the world of being what they are. So don’t be shocked on seeing your favorite celeb on the list given below:

The heartthrob of male fans actress Angelina Jolie is always been in headlines for her bold and straightforward statement to media. She has been open about her personal life and affairs with both men and women. In an interview when the actress was asked about her sexuality of being bisexual, Angelina responded to the question frankly “of course.”