Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Gay

Zachary Quinto

37-year-old Zachary knew he was gay at the age of 9, but he kept it hidden and disclosed the truth of being gay on 11th October 2011. After the teenage Jamey Rode Meyer Committed suicide of being bullied for being gay.
Jamey’s death was the shock for many celebs. The result they joined the mass and started the campaign. To show youth, they can live their life freely and have all the right as a straight.
Quinto felt that he had an obligation as a star being proud of who he was and show young people that even gay can also lead a successful happy life. They do not have to be ashamed what they are. Quinto declared that he is an active member of LGBT groups. He dated actor Jonathan Groff for 2 years. Currently dating Miles McMillen.